Lion Farming

Software specifically applied to visionary agriculture. We assure you an immediate increase in the organization of your equipment, inventories and records. Our software solutions are committed to improving your strategic planning.

What makes us unique?

The solution you have been looking for your farms.

We understand your vision, we know your mission. We have secure, intuitive and easy-to-use tools from any device, whether in your office or in the field, Lion Farming will respond faithfully.


Increase your productivity, generate better control in your plantations; Give your team the precise tools within Lion Farming.


All your information in one place. Safe and optimal. Access your information from wherever you are, from the device you have at hand that has internet. Learn about everything your company did today.

Quick and easy work

Our software prepares your way so that you are effective at all times.

Create results

Real-time information on all your movements and those of your team, vital information for decision-making.

Lion Farming opportunities

Control everything that happens in your farms.

Any type of activity that you carry out in the field. Plantations, inventories of all kinds of seeds, chemical products and your specific applications; various inventories, purchase orders, transplants; movements of products between different farms and many more activities.

Maintain traceability from pre-planting to packaging

Create your own farms, add your own field areas, blocks and acres per block. Each of the movements within the plantation will be captured within the system, allowing you to know its status, the applications you have had and who has been involved.

Many features in one platform

Exploration, harvesting, cleaning, chemical application, fertilizer calibration and many more ways necessary to achieve any certification.

Real time reports

Everything that feeds Lion Farming can be viewed through the reports it produces. Provision of information in real time; in which you will be able to know the current situation of the activities within your company.

Outsourced products?

Lion Farming has specific inventory modules; management of purchase orders, transfer of products between farms and other types of uses for better control of what exists on the farm.

Dynamic forms construction

Lion Farming comes with specific ways so that your activities are optimally controlled. Likewise, it allows you to create your own forms and apply them to the plantations or life cycles for which you plan to use your resources.

Lion Farming will handle all your planting processes

Your information will always be at your disposal.

You will be able to perform searches, review logs, generate reports and create statistical graphs.


Lion Farming could be customized to meet your needs and work best for you. If you need something that Lion Farming doesn’t already have, we build it exclusively for you.

Log books

The complete life cycle of a product, plantation or farm generates records, which are saved and can be consulted later for feedback or audits.

Safety in a box

You will never be alone in your processes. You will have access to technical support tickets, we assign you a specific engineer to assist you at any time remotely.

Lion Farming works from anywhere and at any time. Computer, tablet, cell phone, any smart device that can run an internet browser.

Take it with you to the field, check statistics from anywhere in the world and control your activities comfortably and safely.

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